clockOS Test Board

Starting an Adventure With clockOS

Last week I started to develop clockOS (actually it isn't an OS, it's just an Electron JS app). I decided to develop it with Angular 2, a modern web app framework and then wrap it inside an Electron js app. This Electron app is designed to run in a Raspberry Pi with a 320x240 display, 4 navigation buttons, and ResinOS as the base OS. I'm using ResinOS because it's just a wrapper for docker containers, so it's really easy to deploy apps and updates to it. I decided to break down the project into two repos, one for the Angular app, and one for the Docker/Electron container.

At the time of writing this post clockOS has:

  • Default watchface
  • Navigation menu
  • Support for navigation physical buttons
  • Basic view transitions
  • Customizable clock component
  • Status bar component

Here's a sneak peek of clockOS' current state:

If you want to try clockOS in your own hardware or contribute with the project please check out our GitHub repo