Mountview capture

Welcome to My Blog

After many hours of code I finally finished my blog. This blog is made with PageKit a new cms by YOOtheme. I chose this cms because of it's Markdown support and it's modern and uncluttered nature. The theme I'm using is called Mountview (Why? because it was the first name that came to my mind), I designed Mountview using UiKit 2 with LESS. Even though Mountview has some resemblance to material design I preferred to use UiKit because it's the framework that PageKit uses, so it was easier to use. PageKit is still really new so it's easy to find issues, like:

  • No post tags
  • No native search
  • Inability to theme some pages like login or extension pages without having to hack the changes in the css or by remodifying every php view every time an update is released
  • Lack of a better documentation (they have one, but it is still missing info)

But as I said before, PageKit is really new, so I hope to see this issues addressed in future updates. See you in the next post!