Web app to help dementia patients and their relatives

Neura App

This project was made with a group of 10 people for the software requirements course at ITCR.

The project consisted in creating an application to help facilitate the lives of people with dementia, their medic team and their relatives. Neura has various modules, some oriented towards the patient, and others towards its relatives and medic team. The app has in its initial state two vr game stages (developed in Unity by some of the other team members) to help diagnose and treat dementia. It also has an event section that shows all upcoming events. One of it's most requested features by the medic team is the patient location tracker that shows the current patient location on a map. And that feature ties in with the events through the emergency button, if a patient clicks the emergency button an event with the latest patient location is created on the patient's related accounts so that they can act accordingly and attend the emergency. The app also has a section dedicated to the medical team that contains information about the patient that might be useful to them when treating the patient. In that section there's also a list of digital forms that medics use when to diagnose patients.

Mobile First
Programming Language
Typescript (JS) and Python
Web Design
Web App
Main screen

Main screen

In here the user can see the list available games, its related accounts (if any), and its upcoming events.

Settings overlay

Settings overlay

In this overlay the user can see a menu where he can navigate to other screens with settings and personal information.

Item list

Item list

This screen shows a list of completed forms related to a user's account.